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Interoperability: Seamless blockchain communication.
Scalability: Efficient, rapid transactions.
Developer-Friendly: Extensive tools and SDKs.

Modular Framework

We leverage the modular design of the Cosmos SDK to quickly and efficiently customize blockchain solutions, incorporating pre-built modules and designing proprietary ones to meet specific client needs.

IBC Protocol

Our development includes the integration of the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol to facilitate seamless asset transfers and data sharing across diverse blockchains, enhancing the functionality and scope of applications.

Scalable Consensus

We utilize Tendermint Core to provide a scalable and efficient consensus mechanism that supports high transaction throughput with lower latency, optimizing both performance and environmental footprint.

Custom Sovereignty

Each blockchain operates independently with its governance, customizing its rules and mechanisms without sacrificing the ability to communicate and transact with other chains in the Cosmos network.

Ecosystem Connectivity

We create interconnected blockchain networks that leverage Cosmos’ Internet of Blockchains architecture, significantly expanding the operational capabilities and integration potential of decentralized applications.

Streamlined Upgradability

We build upgradable solutions that can adapt and evolve through smooth upgrades without the need for disruptive hard forks, ensuring longevity and adaptability in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

More than 100+ projects delivered

Since our inception, we have delivered over 100+ projects across multiple industries

Over $3 Billion in Trade Volume on a DeFi Platform With Thousands of Active Users

Discover the world’s first Fully-Collateralized Perpetual Swap platform, trusted by thousands globally. We go beyond just code; we identify common exploits, optimize performance, and ensure adherence to best practices, creating a blockchain architecture that stands the test of time.

Successful leveraged trading platform

Over $3Billion of trade volume

Dashboard mockup

How we built a GameFi platform used by thousands of Web3 enthusiasts.

Alerting and monitoring framework for systems-level and financial systems, ensuring prompt alerts. Combined frontend development with smart contracts and cloud-deployed backend services for a fully immersive and reliable experience. Consistent releases over the year, keeping an engaged community of thousands involved.

Silent auction site that generated $4m in revenue in 3 days

Recurring NFT royalties & rewards to continue gameplay.

Dashboard mockup

Blockchain Code Reviews & Enhancements

Our team conducts internal code reviews, offering insightful enhancements and recommendations. Identifying common exploits, we prioritize performance optimization and adherence to best practices, ensuring the robustness of your blockchain architecture.

Enhancements & recommendations

Identified common exploits

Dashboard mockup

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing clients who are building with us.

“Great flexibility allowed us to focus on the important parts as well as indulge our curiosities, all provided using excellent practical and theoretical knowledge.”

Lars Ohrman
Software Engineer, Imperva

“The Levana Foundation has worked with many service providers over the years, and FPBlock stands out in the quality of their work, the dedication of their staff, and their wide variety of technical expertise.”

Jonathan Caras
Head of Communication, Levana Foundation

“The technology and wealth of experience provided by FP team met our needs perfectly. Secondly, we are moving our own systems to a scalable, self-healing modern architecture.”

Director of Product Development & Program Management
eClerx | A multinational leader in innovative business processes, change management, analytics, and data-driven insights

“The FP team audit team was highly professional and responsive, providing detailed feedback, covering granular code specifics as well as a higher level design alternative to help improve our code base.”

Nosh Mody
VP of Engineering, Hedera Hashgraph

We are not just users, we are contributors

Our team members are regular contributors to the repositories of the tools we use for blockchain development. That means you will be working with a team that knows their tools inside out.

Why you should use Cosmos Ecosystem?

Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Trusted by over 4,000 startups.


Connect with multiple blockchains in the Cosmos network, take advantage of multi-level interaction and exchange.


Utilize Cosmos' unique consensus mechanism, designed for rapid transaction processing and high scalability.


Complete control over your blockchain's governance, economics, and more, with Cosmos’s sovereign blockchain modules.


Reducing your project's carbon footprint through Cosmos' proof-of-stake model.

Community and Support

Get access to resources, support, and collaboration opportunities with developers and innovators in the Cosmos community


With the Cosmos SDK, developers have the freedom to build bespoke blockchains tailored to their specific needs and applications.