We design blockchain products for companies that are changing the world

— We’re a full-service design and development agency who specialise in simple, useful and beautiful solutions.

Recognized strategy expert and speaker on DevOps, security, software engineering, and technology team building.

40 years of experience in software, service, and consulting. Wes previously served as COO of TCG Consulting.

Michael has managed and worked on a wide range of software projects, including distributed systems, medical devices, and web applications.

Nicholas has helped Nephila Capital to grow from less than 1 billion in assets under management with one server and 500GB of data to 15 billion in assets under management with north of 2000 servers and over 8PB of data.

Bilal is a tenured Project Management professional with 20 years of experience in technology, predominantly in FinTech.

Diverse Team Background

With team members from diverse backgrounds, we leverage varied perspectives and skills to tackle complex challenges and deliver exceptional results. Continuous learning is at the core of our operations, empowering everyone to expand their knowledge and skills continually.

Open Communication

We prioritize open communication channels and regular sync-ups to ensure transparency and alignment with our goals. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters a sense of ownership and accountability among team members.


Flexible working arrangements, regular breaks, and support for mental and physical health are fundamental to our company culture, ensuring our team feels supported both personally and professionally.

Work Life Balace

We promote pair programming, peer reviews, and group brainstorming to improve our outputs and strengthen team bonds, creating a cohesive and supportive environment.

We are not just users, we are contributors

Our team members are regular contributors to the repositories of the tools we use for blockchain development. That means you will be working with a team that knows their tools inside out.